Monday, August 25, 2014


Justice, a noble little corgi, grew up in Kansas City.

He was cute and loved to be rubbed on his tummy.

He also had a rough upbringing, making him cautious and overprotective. But let's not hold that against him.

One morning, on his normal 3AM patrol of the house, Justice heard something scratching at the door. He trotted over to sniff out the situation, ears pointed and head low, and that's when he knew someone was trying to break in.

Immediately he began to bark, snarling at whatever was on the other side until the stranger retreated. 

The chaos woke his owners.

"Hey! Be quiet!" Janelle admonished. "People are trying to sleep."

Justice put his nose to the ground. 

Old Spice.

Janelle dragged him away and put him in their bedroom for the night. Justice didn't hear anything else, but he stayed awake pacing.

It was two days later when it happened again. 3AM and the smell of Old Spice was filling his nostrils. This time it was at the window. 

Justice jumped on the window sill and barred his teeth. He couldn't see anyone, but he could hear footsteps running away.

"Get down you crazy pup!" Brandon commanded. "You're imagining things."

But he wasn't imagining things. Someone was there.

Justice found himself shut in the kitchen, held back by a baby gate. His owners had gotten complaints from the neighbors about the noise, so he had to stay in there at night. But he couldn't sleep. After all, it was his job to protect the family.

Scratch, scratch.

'What's that?!' Justice froze, listening closely.

Scratch, scratch. Crrreeeeeek!

The door was opening. Someone was in the house!

Old Spice.

Justice peered through the holes in the gate and saw a pair of black boots. 

Dogs have excellent night vision.

'What can I do?' He thought. 'If I bark, I'll get in trouble but I can't let them near my people!"

Justice took a deep breath.

A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do.

Head down and chubby legs bolting at full speed, Justice rammed the gate open and charged towards the intruder.

The stranger tried to run from him, but it was no use. Justice had him by the leg and was not letting go.

"Ow, ow! Let go!"

Bite, bite, bite!

The stranger knocked over a lamp, and pulled down the curtains trying to escape.

"What's all that noise?" Brandon and Janelle ran from their room and saw Justice wrestling with the intruder.

"Oh my gosh!" Janelle screamed.

"I'm calling the police!" Brandon said.

Ten minutes later, the cops were taking the man away in handcuffs.

"Good boy, Justice! You're a hero!" Janelle and Brandon petted his tummy for a whole hour, and gave him his favorite treats.

Justice was featured on the news, in the paper, and even on Facebook! The news reporter told the town of his courage and bravery.

"That just goes to show you, folks, you can't keep a good dog down. Three cheers for Justice!"

Hip hip, hurray!

Hip Hip, Hurray!


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